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          Zhejiang TaiZhou Wangye Power co.,Ltd, established in 1999, locates on the beach of scenic East Ocean, is one of the leading enterprises of scooter engine and scooter manufacture in Zhejiang Province, China. We produce high-quality and first-rate products including scooters, scooter engines, scooter engines production and sale. We have well-made engines assembled line, vehicles assembled line and vehicles painting line. and we have advancedequipments,full process development and test system with the engine lab of three coordinate CAD/CAM computer design, development center of vehicles technology, many kinds of dynamometers of engines test, vehicles chassis dynamometer and emission test house.

     Our company had put on the market 6 series, around 140 types scooters, motorcycles and 10 types of engines. The exclusive models (EiVISSA,HUASHAO and so on)achieved big success. The products are very popular depends on the good quality, fashionable style and accelerated performance. We have thorough sales and after-service system in China mainland, and sold the products to America.UK, South-Korea, Mexico and total around 100 countries.

         WANGYE depends on the stable quality products and high-standard products won the China light industry products quality trustworthy enterprises, Customer satisfaction brand ,Chinese well-known trademark, the engines of wangyeChinese Mianjian products.And our company pass the ISO9001:2008,ISO14001:2004,EPA,E-MARK.WANGYE is the top 50 companies of TAIZHOU,top 10 companies of HUANGYAN,AAA credit company, Zhejiang province famous brand products production enterprises ,SEMS in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang patent demonstration enterprises. The international competitiveness of private enterprises in 50 companies of China.

          For mission of create value for customers, create opportunity for employees, create harmonious society and create power of human beings. Always adhere the producing and service for the customers’ interests, Keep the points on the management, technology, development. depends on the advantage of producing engines, carefully give the cost-effective leisure and transport tools to the friends of all over the world.


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